Faculty & Staff
Aines, Kristen (Guidance)
Boucher, Joe (Head Custodian)
Brennan, Joshua (Music)
Brewer, Garrett (RNE Para and Athletic Director)
Brissette, Aria (Middle School Science)
Buzzell, Jennifer (Grade 2)
Cook, Thomas (Physical Education)
Dazzi, Amanda (Long Term Substitute, Intervention)
Eckhardt, Kristen (Library/Media)
Fortier, Cynthia (Pre K)
Fox, Meghan (Intervention)
Freeman, Barbie (Local Para)
Gallagher, Jamie (7/8 Humanities)
Gallagher, Sarah (Middle School Math)
Hogan, Jen (Art)
Humphreys, Sara (Grade 1)
Ladabouche, Leslie (Grade K)
McKeen, Bianca (Principal)
Myers, Robert (Grades 5/6 Humanities)
Myhre, Heather (Speech/Language)
Oesterle, Colleen (RNE Para)
Page, Heather (RNE Para)
Parry, Debra (RNE/Local Para)
Price, Susan (Local Para)
Quint, Sarah (Local Para)
Rauch, Linda (Student Support Services)
Raymond, Kimberly (Secretary)
Ridlon, Amy (Nurse)
Ryan, Lynn (Grade 5 Math and Intervention)
Sabataso, Julie (Grade 4 )
Sikes, Jennifer (Spanish)
Smith, Shelley (RNE Para)
Stevens, Christian (Grade 2)
Sullivan, Toni (Student Support Services)
Tredtin, Bev (Grade 3)
Walsh, Zach (Student Support Professional)
Ward-Torelli, Coral (Grade K)

Faculty and Staff Contact Information (click here)

Below are supply lists for each grade level.  Barstow families are not required to supply any materials for the general school curriculum.  The lists for each grade level are for suggested donation items.  Any families not able to provide these supplies will have them provided by the school.  Please click on the classroom teacher to view the list.

Kindergarten- Ms. Ladabouche, Ms. Torelli

First Grade- Mrs. Humphreys & Mrs. Hogan

Second Grade- Mrs. Buzzell, Mr. Stevens

Third Grade- Mrs. Tredtin 

Fourth Grade- Mrs. Sabataso

Fifth Grade- Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Brissette, Mr. Myers, Ms. Sikes

Sixth Grade- Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Brissette, Mr. Myers, Ms. Sikes

Seventh Grade- Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Brissette, Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Sikes

Eighth Grade- 
Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Brissette, Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Sikes