Dear Parents and Guardians,

Unfortunately we are starting to see positive cases of COVID in our schools. Last weekend, we had two cases at OVUHS and during the week, a case at Lothrop School. In both cases, we followed our protocols and notified all close contacts. This amounted to over 60 people at OVUHS and nearly 30 at Lothrop. Fully vaccinated close contacts do not need to quarantine if they do not have symptoms. However, unvaccinated or those who are partially vaccinated will need to quarantine pending negative test results. This limits the spread of the virus in the school community. 

While in quarantine, we are unable to have students join the classroom virtually. This year, we do not have the structures in place that allow for dual teaching methods, as our focus is on five day a week in person instruction. Thus quarantine students should check in with Google Classroom and the teacher to get work they are missing. Quarantined students will not be penalized for their absence. 

This email includes:

  • Vaccination Verification Request

  • COVID Testing Tips

  • Masking Requirement for Open House

  • Veggie Van Go Sept 20 at OVUHS

  • Board Meetings


Attached to this email is a letter from Otter Valley and Barstow school nurses asking parents to voluntarily provide a copy of vaccination cards for any student age 12 and above who has been vaccinated. This information is optional for parents to provide; however having the information will help us know who needs to quarantine in the case of a positive case. It also will help us  know when the school might reach the 80% vaccination goal that may allow us to relax the mask mandate. Please consider sharing this information with your school nurse. It becomes a part of the child’s health record, which is HIPAA protected for your privacy. 


Local doctor’s offices have told us that they may not be able to test students who are deemed a close contact unless they have symptoms, as their offices are too busy with people who are ill. It is highly recommended that an appointment for testing at one of the many state sites be made. You can do this online at the link below. As always, if you or your child have symptoms, however, please do reach out to your medical provider. 

 In mid October or after, we hope to offer free weekly optional testing for all staff and students right at school. Stay tuned for more information on this. 

 Where to test:


As schools are offering open houses in the next week or so, please know the mask requirement is in effect for all visitors to the schools. Adults and children who come to an open house must wear an appropriate mask. Please try to avoid congregating indoors, in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. Thank you.


On Monday, Sept 20, from 10-11am, the Vermont Foodbank will distribute free fruits and veggies at Otter Valley Middle and High School, 2997 Franklin St, Brandon, VT 05733, through their Veggie Van Go Program.  All families of school children and staff are welcome!!

This free monthly produce distribution (3rd Monday of each month) event is open to all students, families, and staff affiliated with all Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union Schools: Barstow Memorial, Lothrop Elementary, Neshobe Elementary, Otter Creek Academy at Leicester, Sudbury and Whiting, & Otter Valley Middle and High School. There are no eligibility requirements and no reservations needed. 

We need 6 volunteers on Monday, Sept 20 from 9:30-11 am. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us, please feel free to register here: . Any questions? Please feel free to contact Volunteer Services anytime or encourage anyone you know with questions to get in touch at


In August, Board meetings returned to in-person meetings with a zoom option for those who wish to attend virtually. Meeting information can be found on the district calendar or on the district website,,  

  • BUU Board meets Sept 20, 6 pm. This meeting is currently slated to be virtual with an in person option at Central Office. 
  • OVUU Board meets Oct. 6, 6 pm @ OVUHS

  • RNESU Board meets Oct. 20, 5 pm 

Enjoy the weekend. See you next week!


Jeanné Collins, Superintendent of RNESU


49 Court Drive, Brandon, Vermont 05733

802.247.5757 –

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Sept. 17, 2021

 Dear Otter Valley and Barstow Families,

 We are asking parents of all students age 12 and up to notify us of your child’s COVID vaccination status by providing the school nurse a copy of their COVID vaccination card. If you have already done so, we thank you for this information.

School districts are permitted by law to request that parents voluntarily disclose their student’s vaccination status to assist with the implementation of pandemic precautions. You may opt to not disclose this information. If you decline to provide the school with your child’s vaccination status, your child will be counted as not-vaccinated.

Understanding the accurate percentage of vaccinated students at Otter Valley and Barstow is critical to knowing when we meet the 80% threshold, when we may be able to no longer require masks. It is also important to know this information for contact tracing when we have a positive case in the school. If your child is fully vaccinated and has no symptoms, they will not need to quarantine due to an exposure. I greatly appreciate your help and support in getting this information to us, as the school nurse.

You may mail, email, fax or have your child bring us a copy of their COVID vaccination record. This copy and the dates, will become a part of their health record, which only the school nurse has access to. This  request pertains to all eligible students, currently ages 12 and up. If you have any questions please reach out to us.

Christine Spotts, BSN, RN

School Nurse OVUMHS Grades 7 - 12

802-247-6833 X2647

FAX # 802-247-4627


Claire Brosnan, BSN, RN

School Nurse Barstow Memorial School

802-773-6926 X2522

Fax # 802-747-4814